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Even if you have your own AFSL, the complexity of running a business and being a Responsible Manager can be very time consuming. Many advisers feel hamstrung by their current licensing arrangements.

Many of the advice professionals we speak to are keen to embrace a different structure and approach but they don’t know if they can make it on their own.

With LaVista, you’re never alone.

You may run a boutique AFSL but you can access the resources and expertise of a large one with LaVista.

Whether you’re still deciding to get your own licence, you’re in the middle of the process or you’ve been running your own licence for years, we can help you.

LaVista offers a range of tools and services to help you confidently implement your business strategy. Don’t get bogged down in compliance, software, administration and red tape when you can hit the ground running.

Joining the LaVista community will give you access to expert knowledge and service that can help get you started and manage your licence.


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