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Updated Policies

Updated Templates

1 July 2021 – Summary

Advice Document Text changes – 1 July 2021

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Financial Planning Concepts

  • Centrelink Entitlements
  • Personal Insurance
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Retirement and Pensions
  • SMSF
  • Superannuation

ROA Strategy Text changes

  • Adjust pension strategy
  • Adjust salary sacrifice
  • Pension Reboot
  • Cease TTR
  • Non concessional contribution
  • Concessional contribution
  • Adjust pension drawdown for Covid

SOA Text changes

Centrelink Strategies

·         Jobseeker

·         Austudy

·         Parenting Payment

Superannuation Strategies

·         Downsizer contributions

·         First Home Super Saver Scheme

·         Borrowing within SMSF to purchase property

·         Contributions Splitting

·         In Specific Transfer

·         Make a non concessional contribution

·         Small Business CGS non concessional

·         Recontribution Strategy

·         Review your super funds

·         Salary sacrifice

·         Spouse contribution

·         Closing down SMSF

·         Defined benefit scheme retain

Retirement Strategies

·         Cease TTR

·         Account Based Pension

·         Account Based Pension Reboot

·         Adjust Pension Corona Virus

·         Annuity

·         Nominate a reversionary

·         Pension Commutation

·         Account Based Pension Rollover

·         UK Pension

·         TTR Pension no salary sacrifice


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